Double Reactor Seal Type – QS18

Seals are used to seal agitators, mixers and blenders as top, bottom and side entry drives

These seals are working with the use of coolant and buffer fluid and applied in case of aggressive and hazardous media. These seals find application in various industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, oil refineries, solvents, fertilizers and others. It require no shaft or sleeve step for balancing, shrink disk attachments, inboard stationary seat axially secured flange accordingly. It eliminates the possibility of product contamination, since there is no use of barrier fluid. It gives good performance in high vaccum conditions which is cost effective and economical. These seals can be easily implemented and repaired.

  • Face Materials – Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide
  • Metal Parts – SS 316, SS 304
  • Seal Elastomer – PTFE / FKM / TTV / EPR / Karlez / FEP /
  • Applications – Cooling jacket help for maintaining temperature as perrequirement, Available with / without bearing, Easy to install, It has a high performance
  • Operating Limits –
    Pressure : Full vaccum to 40 bar
    Temperature : -40° to 280°C
    Speed : RPM subject to speci?cation