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Our Company

Quora Seals was established in the year 2014 for manufacturer of import substitution product which is termed as “ Mechanical Seals“. After the company formation we are working under the name “Quora Seals”.

In the initial stages company started manufacturing of Mechanical seals for chemical pumps at its Jogeshwari (Mumbai) factory.

The company is managed by Mr. Umakant Yadav At present we are carrying out are activities and operations from our Jogeshwari division, Maharashtra. We manufacture and supply entire range of Mechanical seals and shaft for chemical pumps, agitators, mixers, vacuum pumps, blenders and many other pharmacy equipments.

We apply ourselves to perform the right quality and the right time to all customers.


Quora Seals believes that the correct raw material is very important for chemical, etc. industry. Therefore, we control the right raw material by double ways, certificate 3.1 and an alloyanalyzer of famous trademark.

Further, dimensions are important, too. Quora Seals performs the most strict inspection policy and strives to achieve zero defect. Quora Seals checks every dimension according to drawings for every piece. And never let the deviation pass our inspection Dept.

Give us any trouble of production, with the low cost. Best quality, fast delivery and good service help you solve any trouble of production.


We preserve the integrity of the accounting and reporting records through the diligent and thorough application of pertinent laws, regulations and policies; through the accurate and timely completion of assigned tasks; and through the appropriate documentation of transactions.

Accountability: We all understand what is expected of us and are fully committed to meeting those expectations.

Transparency: We are committed to openly sharing information with others, effectively expressing our ideas and actively striving to understand the ideas of others.

Customer Service: We serve our customers by performing our tasks in a timely, consistent and accurate manner.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve our individual and common goals. We share knowledge, encourage and support each other, and respect individual differences.

Ownership: We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and take pride in our work.

Value: We continually examine the way we operate and seek opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our service


Our Philosophy

You experience freedom in product design, without any standard limitation. Let us do complicated and overloaded work. And this in turn gives you a higher ability to differentiate your goods and services.
We have specially mastery in reactor seal

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